Aurora Stankiewicz recently completed her studies at Jackson Preparatory & Early College and is dual enrolled at Jackson College to earn a degree early.

“Right now, I’m on track to graduate with an associate degree at the same time I’m graduating high school,” she said.

Her experience has been very positive.

“I love their class schedules and the teachers there are really friendly and very understanding,” Stankiewicz said. “They will work with you instead of working with their curriculum. They will help you out and make sure you can get what you need anytime you need it.”

Working with Professor Christie Hughes has had a positive impact because her classes have been enjoyable.

“I had so much fun creating a logo, business cards and a website. She is so sweet and understanding. She will meet you and tell me if something went wrong,” Aurora said. “If I need help, she’ll figure out a way to work through it with me.”

Aurora plans to return to Jackson College to complete a certificate in digital marketing and fine arts.

“The campus was really nice and everyone I met was really friendly,” she said. “It felt like a home like I could come here and make more friends. A good opportunity.”

She recommends this route for other students considering the same path.

p“You can definitely find people here that will see you through just work and they will always be willing to work with just you. There’s a lot of opportunities here and a lot of things that can help you through school,” she said.

Aurora wants to pursue marketing and graphic design because you see it everywhere.

It’s the fact you are the image of the company or the website or the person like you can represent them in your own work and show your image through your work,” she said.